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Goldfields Kennel Club - Luciano is awarded yet another CC  - many remarking on his exceptional qualities

March 2013  - we attend a few shows where we maintain our 40+year tradition of only exhibiting excellence in our contribution towards bettering the breed . Luciano  of  the Tivoli Bulls (imp) went Reserve Best Junior in the Group at  Wits K.C. Ch. show on the 31 March 2013 under UK judge Mrs J Peak .


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2012 in review..

all our photos of Sanbonani handling - our bulldogs abroad - our bulldogs in the show ring can be viewed in our photo album

In the  USA , we are proud of the  babies sired by Spencer..


19 - 24 NOVEMBER 2012     To be held in California

Well by now everybody must be wondering what has happened to the puppies sired by the 11 old frozen semen from Ch. Spencer of Roseneath inseminated  into the bitch Edith belonging to James Hale   This semen was exported from South Africa to Minnesota, U.S.A.

As you are aware five puppies were born from this insemination, using only 2 straws, and there were 3 bitches and 2 dog puppies.

These puppies are now  6 months old and two of them, namely the white dog puppy Patrick and the red bitch puppy that looks like Destiny . Lou Lou will be travelling to California to the Bulldog Club of America Nationals Specialty Show which will be held 2000 miles in one direction from their home on the above dates.

The entry  I am told for the shows held on each of these dates will be about 400 Bulldogs. 

This is the largest Bulldog Show in the U.S.A. and exhibitors and the public travel from far and wide to be there which makes it a very special show and extremely competitive.  All the judges officiating are Breed Specialists.

This is going to be Roseneath's acid test of the quality of their Bulldogs - so it is fingers and toes crossed.